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2018 Football - FLAG Registration

Registration closes in 6 days

FLAG Football Player registration for the flag football season beginning September 10, 2018. All players born after Mar 31, 2010 but prior to Aug 1, 2012 . Players born after July 31, 2009 but prior to Apr 1, 2010 may play based on the Age/Weight Chart (under 60 pounds).

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Registration,

For more information, visit the Issaquah Youth Football website at




When a division level reaches 26 players registered, we no longer accept registrations at that level.  It is very important, however, that you still add your child to the Wait List if he/she wants to participate.  Our hope is that enough players will join the Wait List to permit the formation for an additional team.  If you have a child currently on the Wait List, the best thing you can do is to recruit other players at that division level.  



Issaquah Youth Football & Cheer Registration

Welcome to the IYF on-line Registration system.  If you’re a past registrant, all of your prior seasons account history and profile information is stored and available through the “Login/Register” button above.  Parents of new players/cheerleaders will need to create a new account prior to beginning registration.


Important Dates:


June 2 - Football Equipment Check-out

June 3 - Cheer Uniform Fitting

July 24, 25 & 26 - Football Summer Camp

August 7,8 - Cheer Summer Camp

August 9 - NEW Cheerleader Practice

August 13 - First Football & Cheer Practice

September 1 - Issaquah Football Jamboree & Team Pictures

September 8 - First Tackle Football Games

September 10 - Flag Football Practices Begin

September 22 - First Flag Football Games

November 17 - GEJFA Championship Games

December 1 - Football Equipment Return